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Parker PFA/PTFE Sluppy Valves, Manual MV-20-08-0608


Parker PFA/PTFE Sluppy Valves, Manual MV-20-08-0608

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  • Brand:
  • Parker Valves
  • Style:
  • PFA/PTFE Valves 1
  • Series:
  • Sluppy Valves, Manual
  • Model:
  • MV-20-08-0608
  • Supplier:
  • A&S Valve Co., Ltd.
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  • 2652


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• Angled and rounded internal flow path provides faster purging and cleaning of valve.
• Flow path design produces less pressure drop which allows for lower pressure requirements upstream and improves fluid flow dynamics.
• Evenly distributed seat sealing forces minimizes diaphragm and valve seat strain while stabilizing valve back pressure capability.
• Maximized diaphragm thickness minimizes potential for permeation while maximizing cycle life.

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