Valve: The Essential Components And Their Functions
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Valve: The Essential Components And Their Functions

Valve: The Essential Components And Their Functions Valves are important elements found in a pipeline system. With so much pressure occurring in every pipe, the fluid can burst at any point in the network if not controlled, regulated, or directed. The force of a smashing liquid can break open a thick metal pipe the same way a hammer can crack a concrete wall. This force is called water hammer, even if water is not always involved. Valves are placed at areas most critical to water hammer effect, particularly at intersections. Modern models like Spence valves are used in various milieus such as residential, industrial, and commercial. A valve consists of several important parts. The body, which is the collective structure of the majority of the parts, is the most visible. Inside the body are the disc and the seat. The stem connecting the disc to the wheel is half visible through the gland nut. The body is covered by the bonnet, a metal or plastic cladding to the upper region of the body. Most valve bodies are made of brass, bronze and stainless steel. The bonnet covers the body to hold the parts together inside. This is clad onto the body during the manufacture and is often the first component to be dismantled to access the internal components for repair or replacement. Some types of valve do not have bonnets because the body is sufficient to firmly clad the internal parts together. Spence valves also consist of ports that provide passageway for the fluid. They connect the ends of the separate pipes to deliver the fluid to the system. When the ports are obstructed by the disc as the wheel or handle is turned, the fluid is either redirected or stopped from flowing. The ends of the separate pipes are connected to the ports by several methods including compression fittings, threading and welding depending on the type of fluid to be conveyed. All valves have handles, wheels or controls. It is used to easily turn the stem to lower the disc for obstruction. Modern valves consist of automatic wheels operated by an actuator. An actuator helps control the valve from a distance, especially used in complex pipes system where multiple valves need to be operated simultaneously. Lastly, the disc serves as the obstruction to the posts. Once lowered by turning the wheel, the disc prevents the fluid from passing through the other port. Obstruction efficiency is measured by how tight the wheel is turned. Strong Spence valves can obstruct fluid at very high pressure without causing relatively damaging water hammer at the ports.

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