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About Needle Globe Valves

Warren’s Needle Globe Valves are available in 316 in sizes 1/8” to 1”.
Warren Valves are subject to rigorous quality inspections.  Our comprehensive evaluation includes on-site audits, inspection at the source, receiving inspections, and destructive material testing.  This ongoing process ensures that Warren Valves are manufactured to the highest industry standards.
The Warren Needle Globe valve is a simple form of a globe valve.
It does not have a separate disc. The end of the stem is machined to a point configuration which forms an integral disc conical in shape. This disc seats into a conical hole in the body. The stem is needle-shaped, hence the name “needle” valve.
Needle valves are normally made from bar stock, therefore they can be used in high pressure liquid or gas services. They are normally used with pressure-level and liquid-level gauges, instrument lines, orifice plates, and other applications in which fine regulation of the flow is required. They are also very well suited in tight spaces in control panels, etc.

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